Grips, loft and lies, and swing weight are crucial factors in helping you stay consistent on driving your ball to the right yardage. The average pros rely on services like these every 3 to 4 months. As a regular player, we recommend you to check them every 4 to 6 months. If it has been a while for you, it's time to get them replaced soon!
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We help students from all walks of life to become better golfers by using the latest indoor golfing technology and data to show them exactly what they need to work on.
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The technological revolution in golf has brought new devices and systems that can now provide statistical analysis to enhance training, playing and viewing experience of the sport. Many players have found additional consistency and yardage through studying of their gold statistics.
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About Us

Haus of Golf is a professional golf shop and indoor golfing facility providing services from indoor golfing bay rental, private lesson, club fitting and building, to club services such as grip changes, shaft replacements, swing weight calibration, and more. We pride ourself with being the only golf shop offering custom fitting and custom building all in one place here in Orange County area. Whether you are looking for an opinion on your current golf game, wanting to improve your golf game through private lessons, or just have questions on club services or golf clubs in general, we are always a phone or message away.



With player options, course selection including adjustable green speed and firmness, and features to customize or select real-time weather conditions, Our premium machine gives you nearly endless options. Play up to four players in a variety of game options including stroke play, match play, scramble, and more!



Imagine a complete set of custom golf clubs tailored specifically to fit you. Our bottom line is to improve your game and we get results. Haus Of Golf specializes in accurately fitting and completing a custom build so you know you have the right equipment for your individual game. We really guarantee better golf.



Whether you are someone who is brand new to the sport of Golf, an intermediate player looking to advance your skills, or an avid and experienced player finding a pro shop for all your club needs, Haus of Golf has the right membership for you. Find out more on how you can benefit from our features.




Whether you are someone who is brand new to the sport of Golf, an intermediate player looking to advance your skills, or an avid and experienced player looking for a professional facility for all things related to golf, Haus of Golf has the right membership for you. Find out more on how you can benefit from our membership

  Got the 4 lesson package with Jason. I've been golfing for a little over a year and consistently shooting high 90s to low 100s. The lessons were extremely helpful in identifying what I specifically was doing wrong in my golf swing. Jason was patient and helpful during all the lessons and gave me plenty of tips and drills to work on. Taking what I learned in those lessons to the range really had a positive impact on my practice. Last week I broke 90 for the first time with an 86 at my home course. I will definitely be back for more lessons in the future and maybe even a club fitting down the road.

thumb Eric C.

  This place is awesome. Super accommodating and the nicest people. Top tier training staff. Highly recommend.

thumb Chad A.

  Little piece of golf heaven. Great place to work on your game and/or have some fun with some friends! Jason and crew are very attentive to ensure a great experience.

thumb Austin D.

  Great place. Friendly staff. Good alternative to hit some balls when it rains out. Recommend!

thumb John T.

  Haus of golf is it. I cannot find a better place to train in all of LA and Orange County. Came here on a whim after trying a few other local competitors and being a bit bummed on the amenities and availability.

If your looking for instant feedback on your game and actually want to improve your scores and put in the work COME HERE. Not only will you actually be able to use your subscription and book on their website you can call same day and just come on by if they aren't fully booked. I have been able to fill every time slot I have requested without any problems it has been so sweet!

Jason and Jason have your better interest at heart and want to see you succeed, highly recommend checking it out and getting a monthly subscription I have been able to add 4 miles an hour to my ball speed in 5 days of training here which equates to a solid 16 yards with the driver.  


thumb Courtland A.

  So this review is a little bit over a week late, but I came in to do a color change service on my putter and it did not disappoint. Jason did phenomenal work and changed my Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 to a tour black color instead of the matte gunmetal color it usually comes stock. My only really minor complaint would be the red accents I had initially didn't stay the red I had envisioned it would, but that's probably more of the process of having to change the whole head than it was not being able to save it. Overall I would recommend Jason's service if you're looking to customize your putters and make them look sick.

thumb Andrew L.

  I bought a golf fitting session for my boyfriend's birthday. Though his appointment ended up being a lesson because he needed to work on his swing, Jason was patient and helpful. We are definitely returning after he is more consistent with his swing for a fitting.

thumb Sarah Y.

  I can't say enough good things about this place. I've been golfing for about 4-6 months and really wanted to step my game up. I come from a very athletic background from playing different sports to coaching. Having never had a lesson, Jason picked out good and bad parts of my swing and really explained and reworked some mechanics without making me feel like I was starting from the beginning. A 1 hour lesson taught me more than I had been able to teach myself in half a year.

thumb Anthony B.

  Had my first lesson with Jason. Super easy to be comfortable, explains things, concepts and movements in a way that I understood and could move on easily.

I will be doing three to four more lessons and then we take on my irons for a fitting.

I would recommend Jason and team to anyone looking for lessons, a fitting, club work or even bay rental.


thumb Marc N.