9 out of 10 Students Improve Their Overall Game in One Golf Lesson

Being a good golfer doesn't mean playing like a tour pro

Golf has long been considered a sport that requires both skill and finesse. But despite what many people might think, playing golf successfully is not only about technique and experience. It also requires good form and understanding the mechanics of the game. One aspect of golf that often gets overlooked is how players use their body to swing their clubs. Most people mistakenly believe that using their body is the wrong way to hit a golf ball, and instead turn to using just their hands.

However, research has shown that the correct way to swing a golf club is actually by engaging your hips and other lower body muscles in the motion. This approach makes it easier to generate speed and power behind each shot. With this method, you can easily loft the ball into the air or torque it around corners with precision and accuracy.

As GolfDigest have suggested, nothing beats starting out with some positive direction. As an instructor for over two decades, one thing that’s apparent is that there is no one-size-fit-all when it comes to golf coaching; and not every shank is fixed with the cookie-cutter method. Frustratingly, most golf facilities employ the same method and attitude toward the eager learner.

At Haus of Golf, our goal is not to mold you into a pro tour style player; instead, because we understand that being a goof golfer doesn’t mean playing like a tour pro. Instead, our goal is to help you realize and activate parts of your body that you have yet to discover. For everyone who comes in, we always ask these three simple questions – 

How long have you been playing golf?

What are you experiencing on the course?

What other sports do you play?

Through these three questions, we are able to understand our students on a deeper level and further find elements that are relatable to their daily lives to further help with the coaching. 

We are here to teach and guide you through your golf journey whether you are starting from scratch or trying to improve upon your current game.

We help new students gain an understanding of all the fundamentals needed for a great golf swing. From properly holding the club and setting up your stance, to nailing the perfect upswing and downswing, we will make sure you have all the bases covered.

For those who are already familiar with how to play but are looking to improve their game, Haus of Golf can also provide expert tips and coaching to help you take your skills to the next level. No matter what your goals are, Haus of Golf is here to help you achieve them.

Remember, our goal is not to drastically change the way how you play golf or take your swings, our goal is to help you achieve your goals through making changes that are adaptable to what you are comfortable with and to help you gain confidence in your swings.

Lessons with us are not just lessons; they’re an experience. We pride ourselves in being able to work with all levels of golfers not just because our instructor has more than 20 years of coaching experiences under his belt, but that we understand how important it is for students at all stages  to feel welcomed and relatable to one another.

As a boutique shop with rising competitions all around Southern California, we treat each and every customer or student that walks through the door like a family member. If there’s something about golf that you want to know, no matter how fundamental or advance the question is, we are here to help.

Lesson Rates

Learn at Your Comfort Pace

1-Hour Lesson

No-Hassle Learn as You Go
$ 150
  • 60 Minutes Instruction

4-Hour Package

Our most preferred package by clients
$ 550
  • 60 Minutes Instruction
  • Additional Tutorials

10-Hour Package

Commit Yourself to a Higher Learning Commitment
$ 1,200
  • 60 Minutes Instruction
  • Additional Tutorials
  • 9 Hours Complimentary Practice

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